To date, the MICE industry the fastest growing industries of business tourism. Despite the global cataclysms MICE industry is booming. In Russia, the volume of this type of tourism in the average annual growth of 15-20%. According to expert forecasts, this segment in the coming years is quite a chance to win up to 40% of the tourist market. Contribute to this novelty of this segment in Russia, the gradual recovery of the global economy and the globalization of business in many industries.

Moscow is the national leader in the industry, due to the presence in the capital of all necessary for the prosperity of MICE industry. Professional human resources, technical facilities, the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment, the creditworthiness of customers, both private and legal persons. The success of any MICE events in the city guaranteed. In Moscow, absolutely any customer can turn from the potential into actual.

Despite this competition is growing every year, more and more hotels opened, sites that have all the capabilities for the event. Chances are all the same, but in order to be competitive, it is necessary to change the attitude towards the customer, to begin to understand their needs. With the growth of demanding customers, it is important not just to collect data, but also to reinforce their emotional and psychological information plan. Gather information, given today's technology, can any company, but is able to compete in the market only one who can study in detail his guest.

We are ready to share with you our many years of experience in corporate events. With your company will operate a personal manager who will help you organize events of any complexity and size.

We will save you from a painful question: How to organize? Where to begin?


Our Services:

● develop the concept of the event, writing individual scenario;

● execution of the full control over the preparation and implementation of the event or trip;

● the selection of the venue and the site of the event;

● budget calculation, budgeting and cost minimization;

● preparation of a complete list of required documents and your financial reports;

● provision of technical equipment;

● organization of transportation to the venue (booking air and railway tickets, rental vehicles);

● organization of performances, professional presenters, pop stars;

● production of videos, promotional films, souvenirs and promotional items;

● interior design;

● organization of fireworks and laser show;

● arrangements for feeding (from the economical to the most refined menu);

● extra staff to work at your event.

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