MICE industry events began in the West, and today MICE is one of the most promising sectors of the economy and business development tools. Our company provides a full range MICE services anywhere in the world, including MICE in the Republic of Belarus.

If you crave to get acquainted with the historical sights of the Republic of Belarus, contact the person who came up with for your employees an exciting quest, one of the best views of the modern team building. Search offered locations among picturesque landmarks will be a source of unique memories for years to come. Residence of the Radziwill family, Corpus Christi Church of the XVI century, the old town hall and shopping arcades are waiting for you in Nesvizh.The majestic castle, a church tomb of Svyatopolk-Mirsky princes and Market Square - is emblematic places of historical villages. 

The world, where Gypsies and Jews, Tatars and Poles, and, of course, the Belarusians lived for centuries in harmony. But most of all you will be surprised ancient with Polotsk: Boris rock and the Hagia Sophia, the house of Peter I and museum of medieval chivalry, as well as an impressive monument, testifying to the fact that the city is the geographical center of Europe.

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