Tour in the UAE will allow you to explore the rich excursion program, provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and a vibrant night life. Here, every effort is made to rest be interesting and comfortable: improved infrastructure and operation services of the hospitality industry. In the Emirates, tourists always a friendly welcome, the atmosphere of friendliness and secure is steady.

Beach lovers will appreciate the velvet sand and clear blue water. Tourists who prefer extreme, explore underwater and sandy expanses, dreamy nature inspect the length and breadth of the traditional souks or for trips to learn on the old fort that once served to protect the borders of the emirates from the sea and gourmets enjoy delicious cuisine and attentive service aristocratic.

In addition to cutting-edge wonders during these trips you can see many historical attractions: archaeological parks, ancient forts and palaces of sheikhs. In the Emirates, ecotourism is very developed and includes safari on the sand dunes by jeep or camel, walk along the Dubai Creek in the national sailing boat "dhow", a visit to the island reserve SirBaniYas and Liwa oasis with high sand dunes.

The best time to travel to the UAE ― in the winter, from December to February. Water and air temperature during this period is 20–30 °C.


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