Kazakhstan is a country with an unique culture and a rich historical past, so it is no surprise that one of the areas of tourism in this region is ethnotourism. Almost in every corner of the country, the visitor who is interested in genuine life of the Kazakh people, its traditions, rituals, creativity and culture, will find a lot of interesting things. Not to be unfounded give a few examples. One of the iconic sights of Zhambyl region is Berkara Gorge, located on the territory of the Berkarin state wildlife sanctuary. In the gorge are 504 barrows, four of which, according to historians, are of eldest-sak period. Also, there is a judgment that Genghis Khan with his great army was one time on the lands of present Berkarin state wildlife sanctuary.

In Almaty region there is a museum complex of Zhambyl Zhabayev. The complex includes once belonged to the poet house, garage and garden, as well as an administrative building. In addition, in the territory of the museum complex is the mausoleum Zh. Zhabayev. Through the efforts of supervisors the house of the poet has almost intact many things that belonged to the owner.

In general, we can say that the history of this monument is a clear characteristic of not only Zhambyl lifestyle, but in general, the era in which poet  lived and worked.

Another focus of the tourism industry of the country, which in recent years has received a significant boost to development, is boating. Kazakhstan is not only the steppe region, it is also a country of rivers and lakes. The largest number of reservoirs is concentrated in the southeast of the country in the region with a symbolic name Zhetysu (Seven Rivers). Almost all the Zhetysu Rivers belong to the basin of Lake Balkhash. Of them very popular among tourists (both domestic and foreign) are: Ily, Charyn, Cox, Karatau and Chilik.

The Ili River is formed from two rivers ― Tekes (Kazakhstan) and Kunges (China). It originates in the mountains of China, flows through Kazakhstan (the length of the Kazakh section of the river is 815 km) and empties into Lake Balkhash. The Ili River is the third river by volume in Kazakhstan, behind on this indicator only world famous Irtysh and Ural.


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