Belarus has created all the conditions for those who are accustomed to live actively. You can experience the beauty of water, foot, horse, bicycle tours and choose what you want to be happy for you. Belarusian affectionate nature, virgin forests and tranquil rivers, blue eyes of lakes and endless the fields, stretched to the horizon will welcome you as old friends.

The most relevant and promising for Belarus, a country with more than 20 thousand rivers and 10 thousand lakes, is the development of water tourism. Popular among tourists enjoy water Naroch, Svityaz, Braslavsky lakes, rivers Narochanka, Vilia, Neman, Shara, Isloch, Pripyat, Berezina.

There is, perhaps, no Belarusian tourist conductor, which has not passed route Narochanka and Wiley, admiring the sun glare on the water and feeling the soul harmony which gives the traveler untouched nature. Great prospects in boating with the implementation of the recovery program channels XVIII–XIX centuries: Augustow, Oginski, Berezina water system and construction of tourist infrastructure Dnepr-to-Bug channel. With the introduction of the system of channels will revive the ancient routes of Polish kings and the legendary route "From the Varangians to the Greeks." Boat Tours acquire European importance and popularity.


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