Uzbekistan is a State located in the central part of Central Asia. The name of the State “Republic of Uzbekistan” and “Uzbekistan” are equivalent. Neighbouring countries are on the East ― Kyrgyzstan; on the Northeast, North and Northwest ― Kazakhstan; on the Southwest and South ― Turkmenistan; to the South ― Afghanistan, and on the Southeast ― Tajikistan. 

Uzbekistan has access to the Aral Sea, however, it is one of two countries (together with Liechtenstein), which for an outlet to the ocean, you must cross the territory of the two States: all the neighbouring countries also do not have access to the Global Ocean.

The Capital is Tashkent.


Language: Uzbek.

Population: 28 million man.

Phone code: +998

National domain: .UZ


How to get to Uzbekistan

Plenty of direct flights from major countries around the world come to Tashkent.

Airlines: Uzbekistan airways.



The climate of Uzbekistan is sharply continental, hot and dry. The average winter temperature ranges from 8 to +3°C and in mountainous areas can drop to –16°C. In summer, a temperature in the northern parts of the country comes to +32°C, and on the South and up to no joke +42°C. 

Best time to visit is spring (April-June) and fall (September-October). The period from the last ten days of June until the first 10 days of August in Uzbekistan called "chilla" (40 days). At this time the air temperature in the shade rises above +40°C, and at night doesn't fall below +30°C.



Uzbek sums.

Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30. You can exchange currency at the offices of the National Bank, the specialized exchange offices and some hotels. Many hotels and travel agencies accept payment in USD or EUR. Credit cards and traveller's cheques will find application only in the capital and in major tourist centers.



Uzbek cuisine has long history in the "background" of the centuries, and the process of making key dishes is real ritual, each element of which is clearly regulated. In the North prefer plov, fried meat, test and griddle cakes. In the South many complex dishes of rice and vegetables prepare, and excellent desserts make. An important place on the local desktop is mutton, horse meat and soup with lots of vegetables, vegetables by themselves, dairy products and bread.  The main drink is tea. It begins and it ends the meal. Locally produced dry vintage wines are a good aroma and very inexpensive. The best are considered to be products of Samarkand wine plant  as well as wine "Marvarid" and "Omar Khayyam".

Tips if they are not included in the bill are 5-10%.

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