The Republic of Kazakhstan is a country located in the Northwest of Asia and Southeast Europe. The area is 2 million 724.9 thousands km². The State took the 9th place among the largest countries in the world. Kazakhstan to the North and West borders with Russia, on the East ― with China, on the South ― with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The total length of boundaries is 12187 km. The country is washed by the waters of the landlocked Caspian and Aral seas. Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that does not have access to the world's oceans. Kazakhstan is located at the junction of the two continents ― Europe and Asia. Throughout the country there are a number of major mountain ranges. The highest point is the peak of HanTengri (ridge of the Saryzhaz range). Its height is 6995 m above sea level. In Kazakhstan there are more than 48 thousand lakes. The largest of these are the Caspian (total area of 374 km2) and the Aral Sea, as well as Balkhash. The main rivers of the country are the Irtysh River, Ural, Syrdaria and Chu. The greatest length of the river (1700 km) is Ertys (Irtysh).

Most of the country is desert - 44% and semi - 14%.

The capital is Astana.


Language: Kazakh, Russian.

Population: 16.5 million man.

Phone code: +7

National domain: KZ


How to get to Kazakhstan

Daily scheduled flights to Astana and Almaty have many airlines.

Airlines: Air Kazakhstan, Air Astana.



The climate is sharply continental and dry. Its feature is the big difference between winter and summer temperatures, dry air, slight rainfall over most of the harsh winter, long and short summer up North, short winters and hot summers is in the South. The average July temperature is +19°C … +30°C in the North and in the South of the country in January from 18°C to 3°C in the North and South respectively.

The best time to visit is spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November), in summer it can be too hot.



Kazakh Tenge.

Banks are open from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. Lunch time is usually from 13:00 to 14:00, but many banks work without interruption. On Saturday and Sunday banks are closed. Money can be exchanged at any bank or official Exchange Office. Receipts are better save up to proof at time of departure from the country. Payment is accepted in the main European and international credit cards. There are no problems in larger hotels, shops and restaurants in major cities. It is recommended to take travellers' checks in USD to avoid additional exchange operations. ATM's can be found in banks, hotels and shopping centers.



Kazakhstan accepted to eat tastefully and without rushing. A traditional Kazakh meal starts with milk drinks: offers kumis (fermented mare's milk), shubat (camel milk) or ayran (yogurt cow's milk), which not only quench thirst, but also strengthen the immune system. Modern cuisine includes not only the traditional Kazakh dishes made of meat (kabyrga, shuzhuk, zhal, zhaya and karta and, of course, kazi) but also a variety of other peoples living in southern Kazakhstan. Some dishes are prepared in a tandoor, which is a special clay oven. It is considered, that true samsa is baked only in the tandoor and traditional bread is also baked there. Kazakhs always were famous for their hospitality, served the best kazakh dishes, the guests were seated at the best places.


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