Azerbaijan is located on the south-western coast of the Caspian Sea in the eastern part of the southern Caucasus. It borders on Georgia (Kvemo-Kartli and Kakheti) and Russia (Dagestan) to the North, Iran to the South, and Armenia to the West. The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (an exclave of Azerbaijan) borders with Iran, Turkey and Armenia. Approximately half of the country's territory is occupied by mountains. Great Caucasus mountain range is in the North, the Lenkoran lowland and the Talysh mountains are in the southeast, in the middle part there is the Kura-Araks lowland and in the South-West ― the mountains of the Little Caucasus. Azerbaijan is the largest area among the South Caucasus republics of (about 86.6 thousand km2).The main rivers are Kura and Arax.

The Capital is Baku.


Language: Azeri.

Population: 9 million man.

Phone code: +994

National domain: AZ


How to get to Azerbaijan

The plane is the most convenient way to get to Azerbaijan. Flights in Heydar Aliyev international airport are from all major cities in the world.

Airline carrier: Azerbaijan airlines, Imair airlines, Turan Air.



The territory of the country is non-uniform on the weather conditions due to altitudinal zonation (there are 8 of 11 climatic zones existing in the world). Average temperatures in July range from +5°C in the Highlands to +27°C in the lowlands; January, respectively, from 10°C to +3°C. The maximum summer temperature can reach up to +45°C, in winter the temperature in mountain areas can reach up to 40°C at night. Strong northern winds blow, mainly in autumn. The best time to visit Azerbaijan is from April to October.



Azerbaijani manat.

Exchange rate in banks and exchange offices differs slightly. Exchange offices are located throughout Baku and other large cities. In hotels, shopping centers and big box stores credit cards accept. At small shops and restaurants are paying in cash. ATMs in Azerbaijan there are at most banks, many of them are open 24 hours a day. You can withdraw cash in ATMs AZN and USD.

The tip is usually included in the order and is from 5 to 10% of the amount of the invoice. If such an item in an account absent, you can add 10%. You can give 3-5 AZN to the porter at the airport or in the hotel. Not common to tip taxi drivers as well as also not advised to negotiate the fare.



Azerbaijani cuisine is noted for the abundance of all kinds of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, complemented by fragrant Greens and plenty of spices. Some national dishes replace as "first" and "second" ones. Another characteristic feature of Azerbaijani "first" food is used in making them fat, broad tail which is usually laid in finely cut pieces in a dish. Pastry dishes as well as specialities prepared with fresh and sour milk, or katyk are common. Main dishes are cooked mainly from mutton and poultry, wilderness, vegetables and rice. One of the most common dishes in Azerbaijan is cooking plov, of which there are more than 40 recipes. From the main dishes are kebabs, there are the famous lulakebab and dolma grape leaves. Still, you should try the grilled lamb chops, patties "gutabs" with herbs and cheese or meat and "sadz" — the pieces of lamb in vegetable allsorts, cooked on a flat pan on charcoal. Sweet dishes in the kitchen not so much. Basically it's baklava, halva, sherbet, rahat lakoum (with different additions), jellied fig and sherbet (the most common dessert drink in the country).


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