"Together cheerfully to walk on open spaces" ― these words best describe the group tours, while others prefer customized tours, ― that is a matter of taste. You must agree that get together with friends and go on an exciting journey, where not a minute will not be bored, what could be more fun. Group travel provides tours for six people or more. This option is best if you intend to leave the team or take a trip a big friendly family. As well as you can save a lot of money. Group itinerary shall be drawn up, based on the common desires. Tour may be archaeological, historical or art historical nature.

Single travellers, who prefer to relax without the bustle and noise, choose individual tourism with the aim to visit places that are not included in the route. And, of course, the price will be slightly more expensive. However, it does have its merits and advantages. If you prefer, all the worries related to the preparation the company is ready to take over.


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