Uzbekistan is sunny and resource-rich region. In this wonderful country remarkably kind, generous, hospitable people is living. Incredible hospitality of the Uzbek people attracts tourists at all times. "It is in Tashkent I first learned what are the scorching heat, tree shade and sound of water. And I learned what is human kindness" ― Anna Akhmatova wrote in May 1944, after returning from evacuation in Leningrad.

Since ancient times, Uzbekistan was the crossroads of caravan routes connecting link between nations and peoples, the meeting place of languages, cultures and civilizations. Here was the Great Silk Road that connected China, India, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. One of the longest streets and Tashkent metro station at the beginning still bear the name of Buyuk Ipak Yuli, which means the Great Silk Road. Endless camel caravans transported carpets and silk, porcelain and precious stones, spices and medicines.

During its long history the Uzbek people endured many things: the ups and downs of war empires and migration of peoples. All this is reflected in the architecture and the soul of the people.

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