Russia is a country with a long history, rich culture and amazing nature. If we look at Russia, which occupies one sixth of the planet, it is easy to see that it has almost everything that can be found separately, traveling for some countries. People, who traveled a lot and had seen a lot, certainly will tell you that.   

Fans of desert, lovers of mountain lakes and mountain peaks, waterfalls, warm seas, steppes lovers, lovers of deep forests, widest and most quiet tree-lined river, lovers rock, or reeds, edelweiss or daisies, heat or cold, mare or fresh milk, Antiquities East or modern buildings, fungi or medlar, ruffs or mackerel, hunting or hunting capercaillie in underwater thickets, hiking or walking mad flight on machines distill the movement of the day from east to west, all will find what they need. One of the most beautiful countries in the world is represented at the disposal of each of us. 

It is difficult to imagine something more complex, heterogeneous and multi-piece to describe than the huge vast Russia. Here there was once the capital, and in the spirit of strict and exquisite architecture and remains so to this day bureaucratic Petersburg. And the general merchant, always dashingly fast life, still famous for its domes, headed by Ivan the Great bell tower, now the capital of Moscow. And the cradle of Russian statehood ancient Novgorod and Pskov border fighting forever, Volga Yaroslavl, Kazan and the famous "pocket of Russia" - Nizhny Novgorod. For some it's the endless expanses of steppe, taiga herbs, blooming in the spring tundra. Others prefer the rich architectural monuments in major cities, where life never stops for a minute. And someone can go to conquer the little-villages and remote towns, keep the spirit of bygone times. But you never know what else you can do on the expanse from the Baltic to the Pacific?! Speaking of Russia, it is impossible not to use the momentum and trite cliches, but because they have become cliches and therefore that much in them is absolutely true.  

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