Belarus is a country in the heart of the European continent with rich natural, cultural and historical heritage, ancient customs and traditions.

This is the land that once was lying at the crossroads "From the Vikings to the Greeks" and from the European capitals to Moscow state. Who has not been here with fire and sword: the Mongol-Tatars and Crusaders, Swedes, Napoleon's troops, the Nazi invaders. Today, about those terrible times of turbulent historical past of our country resemble ancient palaces and medieval castles. For example, the Mir Castle and palace and park complex Nesvizha ― monuments included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, Brest Fortress, Leeds Castle.

Great impression also make castles and palaces, which has not touched the hand of the restorer ― Krevo, Halshany, Kosovo, Ruzhany, Navahrudak ... (see map of Belarus).

It seems if you touch these majestic ruins covered with the dust of ages, you can feel the pulse of history. It is no accident many ancient Belarusian cities and towns, the neighbourhood of the palace and castle complexes have become the venue for various festivals, folk festivals, jousting (Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Zaslavl, Lida).

Our talented ancestors left us a legacy of magnificent monuments that can be found on the map of Belarus, showing the original traditions of Belarusian architecture, which at the same time is an inseparable part of European and world architecture. These are the temples of Polotsk, Pinsk, Slonim, Gomel, Vitebsk, defense type churches Synkovichi and Murovanka and others.

It is dramatic story of Belarus brought such character traits of the Belarusian people, as hard work and patience, friendliness and desire for freedom. Perhaps that is why our country gave the world not only soldiers&generals, as educators, scientists and artists.

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