Azerbaijan ― an amazing country. Everything in it is unique - nature and culture, history and customs and traditions, architecture and more. Azerbaijan is often called "the land of lights" (from "Azeri" flame). Indeed before our era on the territory of modern Azerbaijan lived tribes of fire-worshipers. Since then, the country remained the earliest evidence of the era: the rock carvings, statues of gods and ancient temples. In addition, the country is known since ancient times for its temples of Zoroastrians (ateshgyahami). Apsheron is a place called Yanardag ― "Burning Mountain". In Nakhichevan, Kalbajar, Lankaran and Babadag hot water knocked out of the land. In Surakhani fire temple is located Ateshgyah, at various times worshiped by followers of Zoroastrianism, Hindus and Sikhs.

On the territory of Azerbaijan once existed ancient states Atropatena and Caucasian Albania. Every city of Azerbaijan has something special. Center of the ancient Guba Khanate ― Guba city ― known for its medieval castles and mosques. One of the oldest cities ― Sheki ― famous for magnificent palaces, some of which are now converted into a modern hotel. Particularly noteworthy natural beauty, such as the Tenge canyon, Afurdzhi waterfall and Gobustan Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the list of UNESCO, there is also Icheri Sheher quarter in the old part of Baku. Among the tourists from former Soviet countries are very popular places of Baku, starring episodes movie "The Diamond Arm" and "Man - Amphibian".

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